"NOTHING" in the Universe, not even the most insignificant things happens by accident. The science of Vaastu is an eternal bridge between the magnificient and the mysterious world & is capable of diverting one’s destinity towards a peaceful and prosperous life.


Subir Kumar Datta

Residential & Industrial Vaastu Consultant

About Us

Vaastu Solutions came into existence in 1990 by Shri Subir Kumar Datta whose success goes to Gouru Shankar Murthy Reddy (a non professional) who disclosed the secrects of the wonder science, passed on to him by his ancestors.

Vaastu Solutions is formed to promote and avail expert recommendations based on Experience and Intution for rectifications of existing Vaastu defects and for selection and planning of new Residential, Commercial and Industrial Establishments including Selection of land.

‘Vaastu Solutions’  has attracted clienteles from all corners of the globe through personal recommendations and direct contact, including customers from India, England, Australia, Canada, UK, United States etc.  Each project has represented an inimitable collaboration between the client due to the fact that we are following the Modern Theory of Vaastu Shastra without Religious boundations and Boundaries.

Interestingly, no manuscript of the science of Vaastu is available & is still a closely guarded secret amongst a few till date.


Born in  Madras (Chennai) in 1960, passed his childhood at Hyderabad, initial schooling in Nagpur at Bishop Cotton H.S.  later at Calcutta at St.Lawrance H.S. to be followed by higher studies at Kanpur.

Since his childhood he had a keen interest other occult science, but due to the amazing results found in Vaastu, he prefered to make it a career.

Presently, he is the Executive Commitee Member of several schools and collages of U.P. and life member of several organisations.

His  articles on Vaastu has been published in news papers and magazines  with several Blogs in the web and had also given lectures on several occasions on invitation.
Due to verbal publicity he had been called for Vaastu survey at Mumbai, Surat, Ahmedabad, New Delhi, Kolkata, Ranchi, Lucknow etc. apart from online clients from abroad.

He has gained popularity for providing positive results and denying the cases which are not possible to rectify in any manner.

His knowledge of Vaastu is practicle in nature and is the follower of The Universal &  Modern Theory of Vaastu, without implication of any religious symbols, Yantras' etc.

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