"NOTHING" in the Universe, not even the most insignificant things happens by accident. The science of Vaastu is an eternal bridge between the magnificient and the mysterious world & is capable of diverting one’s destinity towards a peaceful and prosperous life.



About Vaastu

Vaastu is a science that provides a set of principles for the construction, layout and interior design of houses, industries, temples and even Town planning by building up harmony with the five basic elements of universe. These five basic elements are Agni (Fire), Akash (Sky), Jal (Water), Prithvi (Earth), and Vaayu (Wind) that are similarly attuned with the cosmic balance and are orientated according to the movement of the sun and moon, the electromagnetic field of the earth, and the astrological influence of the planets.

All these the five elements which if aligned properly can lead to bring in harmony inside a house, business place and industrial establishments. There are various corners of a building which tends to radiate energies which can be negative or positive in terms of influence on the people inhabiting the building or the man made structures. The aggreagated result of the positive and the negative forces helps in creating harmonious atmosphere inside a building, house, commercial building and in turn helps people to live happily and enervated if the aggreagated result of energies turn out to be positive.

When alignment is achieved, the living space echoes the basic structure of the universe, and prana (the energy sustaining all living beings) flows freely through the living space, bringing health, happiness, peace and well-being to its inhabitants.

Vaastu originated over 5,000 years ago from the ancient sacred Hindu texts known collectively as the Vedas.

Indian civilisation has been at the helm of scientific research since a few thousand years. Earlier, this science was made in constructing palaces, temples and for a selected few only.

The transfer of the knowledge of Vaastu was not  easy but was confined to a selected few only and most interestingly no Manuscript is available since this science was imparted by mouth through 'Gurukul' system and is still a closely guarded secret amongst a few till date.

Though 'Vaastu Shastra' is a holistic science, but there exists a relationship between the element of religion and science.

Some people have clubbed Vaastu with Feng Shui, Astrology etc. The result is that since horoscope of an individual or owner is consulted when planning or designing a house according to Vaastu rules. That particular construction will not necessarily be good for other family members, whose horoscope will apparently be different from that of the owner. Hence, the Universal Vaastu is more realistic. In such a situation how much ' Vaastu Shastra' can be relied upon, is a matter of concern.

The layout of your residence or workplace is very similar to an Horoscope. In astrology one cannot tame the baneful planets whereas the science of Vaastu prescribes that the Earth being one of the nine planets is the best approach to configure to our needs and get the best results and get benificial results from such ill effects of the planets.


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