"NOTHING" in the Universe, not even the most insignificant things happens by accident. The science of Vaastu is an eternal bridge between the magnificient and the mysterious world & is capable of diverting one’s destinity towards a peaceful and prosperous life.














Vaastu Services



Vaastu is applied at micro as well as macro level, for every room, house, temple, school, shop, industry, town planning, cities etc. It is best to practice vaastu from the initial stage i.e. when purchasing or renting an accommodation for office/residence, buying a plot of land and designing a home. One can also realign any existing structure in the event of unresolved problems at home or work in light of the vaastu principles as it aims at removing obstructions so that energy may flow freely, creating harmony with nature.

Homes and Industries etc. designed  or corrected as per Vaastu Shastra norms will yield positive results:



  • Enhances your health and vitality.

  • Promotes financial prosperity.

  • Creates a stress-free and supporting environment.

  • Improves strong personal / marital relationship.

  • Gives you inspiration and maximises your effectiveness.

  • Provides you with good nights sleep.

  • Creates a harmonious and tranquil atmosphere in your home.

  • Promotes general fortune and wellbeing

  • Success in life of the occupants.

  • Better family bonding.

  • Better education for children.


Commercial & Industrial Establishments.

  • Improves the efficiency of your employees

  • Creates expansion in business and profit

  • Increases your creativity and intelligence

  • Creates a stress free and supporting environment

  • Labour unrest diminishes

  • Theafts can be avoided

  • Improved sales.

  • Litigation cases with Excise, I.T.  etc. settled or dismissed in less time.

  • Profit with less effort.

  • Support from financial institutions.

  • Improved sales & productivity.

  • Fewer breakdowns & accidents.

  • Better teamwork.

  • Fast growth.

  • Better brand positioning.

  • Increase in Customer satisfaction.



This is the prime approach while going in for any investment or construction as one third of the  vaastu benefit is gained if the land is as per the tenants of Vaastu.

Soil testing if required should be done in the laboratory.

Company Logos Designed as per Vaastu

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