"NOTHING" in the Universe, not even the most insignificant things happens by accident. The science of Vaastu is an eternal bridge between the magnificient and the mysterious world & is capable of diverting one’s destinity towards a peaceful and prosperous life.


Subir Kumar Datta

Residential & Industrial Vaastu Consultant

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At  ‘Vaastu Solutions’  Shri. Subir Kumar Datta is the follower of   “The Modern and Universal Theory of Vaastu Shastra” which has no Religious Boundations & has Universal Applicability,  because no religious symbols are applied in this practice.



Vaastu Shastra scientifically defined.

We have our own biorhythms and energy patterns. In Vaastu Shastra, every man made structure is considered to be a living organism possessing its own energy patterns or vibrations.

The science of Vastu, Vaastu , Vaasthu / Feng Shui seeks to harmonize these patterns or energies so that the inner space of an individual and the outer space of the cosmos are in balanced form. These effects of positive or negative energies can be observed within seconds on entering a residential or commercial place.



~The Secret Key to Unlocking
Your Life's Hidden Treasures and Riches~


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