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Residential Vastu

Buying a Land / Plot as per Vastu: Facing of a PLOT / house is not a guarantee of it being auspicious. There's something more than facing and placement of the main door/entrance and remaining rooms of a house and the vibrations at that particular place.

According to Vastu Shastra all directions east, west, north and south are auspicious . Direction of a house doesn't matter if you have to follow the right design and vastu principles in construction. But as per my observation in this field for decades, South and West facing best suits business people. North and East for the salaried ones.

Better to consult an expert before finalisation of land purchase and discuss about your nature of job and that of the occupants.

It is always advisable to get the lay-out from the local corporation office so that to ascertain the portion for the construction.

NOTE: Plot/House must not face Intercardinal direction like NE, SE, SW and NW. It will lead to a vastu defect and will reduce energy flow in this house. Maximum a house can have 18 degrees deviation in facing direction from cardinal direction. To ascertain the directions it is always preferred to use magnetic compass (Please avoid the GPS compass in cell phones) in choosing directions at the point where the land projects towards the road.

For example: If there is a road on the south side of your plot it means your plot is south facing so you can make a south facing house in this plot.

Avoid plots with Baneful Street Thrust:

Doorways for the compound wall and building.

Things To Be Considered During Construction Of House As Per Vastu Shastra:

When the digging is happening for the compound wall, make sure that you start from the east, go to the north, then to the west, and lastly, south.

There should be no doors in the southwest corners or the southwest portion of the house.

The house should be placed in the west- south area. With maximum interspace towards the east and north compound walls. This provides prosperity.

The site should be a square or a rectangle in shape. If possible, the southwest corner should have 90 degrees.

Ground level should slope towards north and or east and levels in southwest should be higher than all other sides.

Staircase should not be provided in the southwest and or northeast corners.

Avoid underground tanks in the middle west or south or south-west

Room Placement as per Vastu:

Bedroom placement for the Head of Family or for Married Couples:

A bedroom to the South or South-West provides stability is recommended for the bread earner of the family. A couple occupying this bedroom enjoys long-term physical attraction towards each other. The occupants always remain in control in all spheres of life.

South- East, is associated with the fire element and brings fiery passions to the fore. This direction assures an active life but can also make you short tempered, leading to frequent arguments with your spouse. Don’t ever make it a permanent bedroom. So a room in the south-east is good for only young couples for a limited time period.

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