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Vastu Dosh

Vastu Dosh

Vastu Purusha

Vastu Dosh means defects of a paranormal nature present in a dwelling place, house, commercial building or any other type of construction that leads to a violation of the basics of Vastu Directions that bars the positive energy flow thereby resulting in chaos in the lives of the inhabitants.

Vastu Dosha simply means a violation of the basics of Vastu Directions . Each of the Vastu directions emits cosmic energy that is sourced form the PanchamahaBhutas - air, water, earth, fire and space.

The Vastu Purusha can be the best answer:

The center of the house or the mid-point where the navel of Vastu Purush is located is called 'Brahma Sthan'. So any part missing in the house indicates that the concerned body part of Vastu Purush is missing. Missing north-east indicates that the Head of Vastu Purush is missing. Person residing in that house may have some problem related to the head. So there will be head related problems in the house, educational problems, brain hemorrhage, eye problems, financial problems and so on. South-west indicates the feet which give you stability. Missing south-west indicates instability in your life, accidents etc.
Always protect South West and North East of your place. Cut in the North West and South East as well may give rise to various other problems in the knee / elbow joints as Vastu Purusha's same parts come in those directions.

Effects of Vastu Dosh:

  • much and prolonged illness in the house
  • habitants are not happy even though the circumstances are good
  • problem in child bearing
  • despite great efforts and hard work habitants are left without money
  • restlessness and worry
  • frequent quarrels in the house
  • parents have problems with their children
  • quarrels and problems in married life and other relationships
  • business difficulties
  • premature deaths and accidents
  • recurrence of fire and other accidents
  • business dispute
  • legal problems from Govt.
  • no good ceremony in the house
  • labour unrest
  • not getting better business deals
Any fault in the planning of the building as per the Vastu Principles leads to a Vastu Dosh that bars the positive energy flow thereby resulting in chaos in the lives of the inhabitants.

Effects of Northeast defects:

1. Family Dispute
2. Business Dispute
3. Divorce
4. Children behavior
5. Frequent Surgery
6. Accidents
7. Too much expenditure
8. Incurable diseases
9. Blockage of funds
10. Legal Disputes
11. Rejection of business orders.

Effects of Southwest defects:

1. Delay in marriage
2. Too much expenditure
3. Bad habits
4. Theft of money
5. No respect
6. Bad martial relationship
7. No promotion
8. Cheated by people.

Effects of South east defects:

1. Fear of theft
2. Fear of fire
3. Bad health
4. No good ceremony in the house
5. Bad relation between husband and wife
6. No peace of mind.

Effects of North West defects:

1. Enmity
2. Legal Issues
3. Legal problems from Govt.
4. Friends and relatives go away
5. Divorce

With the economy pumping so much uncertainty and anxiety into the environment, it's important to do all you can to create a supportive and protective environment by implementing Vaastu.


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